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The Remixologists in Brides Magazine’s Fall/Winter Philadelphia Issue Dishing Out Hits!

We got more press!  The folks at Brides Magazine contacted us out of the blue (probably heard how awesome we are… or something) to pick our brains for the music feature in their latest Philadelphia issue.   We were asked to pick a few songs that were guaranteed heaters on the dance floor.  Mike and I wanted to present a list that was balanced in eras as well as genres, thus our picks.    So the feature list the hits that we submitted, but it doesn’t tell you WHY we picked them.  Not to worry though, we’ve got the “exclusive” explanations here!

(Added wrinkle: See if you can tell which ones were Mike’s vs my [Simon’s] picks)

Taio Cruz – Dynamite

As the title suggest, this song is rather explosive and simply blows up the dancefloor.  Without fail, everyone on the dance floor throws their hands in the air and drowns out Taio Cruz on the speakers as they yell, “I throw my hands up in the air sometimes…”

Lady Gaga – Poker Face, Just Dance, Bad Romance…basically any Gaga track

Not much needs to be said here.  Lady Gaga has been dubbed by some as the “next Madonna,” and her tracks never disappoint on the dance floor.  All audience members, young and old, are always drawn to the dance floor by her fun, energetic tracks.

Flo Rida – Low

You can sense the energy in the room as soon as I start playing the intro for this song.  Throughout the first verse, people start rushing to the dancefloor.  By the time the chorus hits, it’s always “interesting” to see just how low audience members can get as Flo Rida sings, “shawty got low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low…”

Journey – Don’t Stop Believing

This is one of those songs that not only manages to get everyone the dancefloor, but also gets everyone singing along (or should I say, “shouting”) at the top of their lungs.  It’s definitely a crowd favorite, as older audience members  are transported back to the 80’s and the younger generation recognizes one of their favorite songs from Glee.

Boyz II Men – Motownphilly

If you grew up, went to school, or ever lived in Philadelphia (and even if you didn’t), you got funky with the sounds of Boyz II Men!  So when I play this at a Philadelphia wedding, how can you NOT dance to this certified Philly anthem?

The Clash – Rock The Casbah

Even if people don’t know the name of this song, they recognize the infectious piano and guitar riffs and pack the dance floor.  And with a catchy yet indecipherable chorus, people can’t help but scream along with their own versions… “Rock The Cashbox”, “Rock The Cat’s Box”, “Rock The Asphalt”,etc.

Michael Jackson – Black Or White

MJ had so many hits that it’s easy to overlook some of them, including this one.  Everytime I drop this, I watch people’s faces light up in pleasant surprise.  And who can forget the video with Macaulay Culkin and the crazy face morphing at the end?

The Outfield – Your Love

Not many songs have folks from all generations dancing and yelling out the lyrics in unison, but Your Love is one of them.  And with that festive communal spirit, it’s a great time for guests to rock out (and act silly) with that cute guy/girl they’ve had their eye on all night!

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