Fan Mail From The Asian American Journalism Association (AAJA)!


AAJA trivia bowl at ABC TV1 Studios

This is an oldie but goodie!  I (Taiga) was invited to spin for the AAJA’s (Asian American Journalists Association) inaugural Trivia Bowl at the ABC TV1 Studio in NYC where they currently film The Chew.  You can check out pictures and more tidbits from the event here.  Another fun fact… the space the Trivia Bowl was in used to be the set where they filmed the original “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” with good old Regis Philbin.  Anyways, thank you for your kind words AAJA!

Thank you from AAJA trivia bowl at ABC TV1 Studios

Dear Simon,

Thank you for your work and superior services as our deejay at AAJA-NY’s inaugural Trivia Bowl Fundraiser held on May 18, 2012 at ABC’s TV1 studio in New York which was hosted by ABC News’ Juju Chang and Fox 5’s Ti-Hua Chang.

Your timing and improvising with the program with impeccable and really made all the difference in our interactive scholarship fundraiser attended by more than 150 media, community, and business leaders.

Event proceeds go toward supporting students who pursue the journalism profession; providing increased training to AAPI journalists so they can be effective leaders for positive change in the industry with a commitment to diversity in the newsroom, and forging stronger ties within the AAPI communities.

AAJA New York is the organization’s largest chapter and has approximately 300 members.

Thank you again on behalf of AAJA-NY and we hope to work with you again in the future.


Leezel Tanglao
Trivia Bowl Co-Chair 2012

How We Deal With Wedding Music Requests


A Big Question… Wedding Music Requests?

J + D Menu Request

We often get requests when spinning a wedding… requests from the bride & groom, their family, their friends, good ones, bad ones, drunk ones, inappropriate ones, requests on paper/napkins/smartphones, etc.  From having spun hundreds of events of all kinds (weddings, parties, lounges, dance clubs, bottle service clubs, galas, etc) and direction from the couple beforehand, we use our experience and best judgement in determining if and when to play a wildcard.  Our couples trust us and we appreciate their trust… as playing a song (even if it’s a good one) at the wrong time messes up the vibe we so carefully craft throughout the night.

In any case, the request you see above is the BEST one I’ve ever gotten… not because Baby Got Back is the most AWESOME song in the world (although it is pretty great at the right time)… but because such a “ratchet” request was written on a super classy wood panel menu (by the way doesn’t the food read delicious?) with beautiful handwriting.  The juxtaposition of this display blew my mind!  Needless to say I had to save it and share with you all.

And oh yeah, you bet I played Baby Got Back that night. 🙂

Jess & Meggie’s Overlook Lodge at Bear Mountain Wedding Celebration!


Jess & Meggie’s Overlook Lodge at Bear Mountain Wedding!

Jess & Meggie – Brian Hatton Photography

I (Taiga) had so much fun helping Jess & Meggie celebrate their wedding at the Overlook Lodge in Bear Mountain, NY last year (thankfully I did not see any bears up close)!  They were so nice throughout the whole planning process and gracious to me on their wedding day.  I really enjoyed spinning for them and their family and friends as they danced the night away!

Check out these great pictures courtesy of Brian Hatton Photography and visit his blog to see more from Jess & Meggie’s wedding!

Jess & Meggie - Brian Hatton Photography

Jess & Meggie – Brian Hatton Photography

Jess & Meggie – Brian Hatton Photography

Jess & Meggie – Brian Hatton Photography

Jess & Meggie – Brian Hatton Photography

Jess & Meggie – Brian Hatton Photography

Jess & Meggie – Brian Hatton Photography

Jess & Meggie – Brian Hatton Photography

Jess & Meggie – Brian Hatton Photography

Jess & Meggie – Brian Hatton Photography


Fan Mail From TAP Night Market NYC!


TAP Night Market NYC!

We love spinning all different kinds of events.  As you can check out here, the TAP Night Market was super super fun for us!  And as you can check out below, everyone had a GREAT TIME!  We definitely keep it funky… in a good way of course. 🙂
TAP Thank You Letter


Dear DJ Taiga and The Remixologists,

Thank you for your amazing DJ and sound services at our 1st Annual Night Market in downtown New York on April 13, 2012.  You provided the beats and the funk to get the crowd moving and swaying throughout the night.  With a mind-numbing 500+ people in attendance, you guys were professional and fun and we really appreciated that.  We heard many people tell us positive comments about the music and the vibe and we can’t thank you enough.  I highly recommend DJ Taiga to other organizations that are looking for a fly DJ and look forward to working with you guys again soon.

Warm Regards,
Bob Wu
TAP-NY President

Happy Words From The Bride – Sheraton LaGuardia East Wedding!


Sheraton La Guardia East Wedding!

Michele & DJ Taiga

We rarely appear in pictures with the bride & groom because we’re usually in the background running the show and understand that the focus is on our clients as it’s their big day. But in this case, Shelly grabbed her photographer to snap a shot during some downtime at her Sheraton LaGuardia East wedding.   I totally forgot about this until she sent me an email with it many months after the wedding.

As wedding DJs, we’re trusted by our clients with one of the most important days of their lives!  And for prospective clients that often comb the big bad web for advice & direction, it’s often hard to separate fact from fiction with the pretty pictures, slick marketing jargon, and seemingly anonymous reviews.

We here at The Remixologists value integrity and building our reputation one satisfied bride (and groom) at a time.  And to break down one of those walls and putting a face to one of those mysterious reviews, here’s one that Shelly left us on WeddingWire.


Simon of the Remixologist was the DJ and MC for my wedding. He is organized and super responsive (without being overbearing). I cannot thank him enough for being flexible (there were last minute changes, literally, DURING the reception and he was quick to react and kept everything moving smoothly).

He has a very diverse library of music and nothing was too difficult for him to pull or obtain. But I guess every DJ would have this but what everyone should really know is Simon was professional and although he lived 3 hours away, he arrived early to set up and this was during tornado weather. It is so important to hire someone that is reliable and Simon is definitely reliable. (Take it from me that it is so important to hire a vendor that have good work etiquette/ethics and is dependable. I couldn’t say that about all the vendors I hired for my wedding day but I was understanding due to inclement weather.) Even my in-laws were late to my reception and Simon (as an MC) could not move forward with introductions which threw the schedule a bit, but he recovered and it takes someone with experience to be able to handle such situations.

I am beyond happy with the services Simon provided and have no reservations in recommending him!

Fan Mail From Vickie & Chris’ Fox Hollow Long Island Wedding!


Fan Mail from Vickie & Chris’ Fox Hollow Long Island Wedding!

I (Taiga) helped Vickie & Chris celebrate their wedding at Fox Hollow in Long Island last spring.  The crazy thing is I almost didn’t make it to Long Island that weekend.  I was in San Francisco earlier in the week for some business and got food poisoning from a meal Wednesday night.  With a wedding on Saturday, I always schedule to get back in town on a Thursday in case of delays and such.  As you can guess, having to fly cross country while going through food poisoning was NOT FUN.

In any case, I made it back in one piece and drank about 10 Gatorades the next day.  And while I wasn’t 100% Saturday morning, I trekked to Long Island and did my best as I knew Vickie & Chris were counting on me.

Vickie & Chris, thank you for trusting me with your big day and for your kind words! 🙂


Vickie & Chris' Thank You Card


Dear Simon,

Chris and I just wanted to thank you again for spinning at our wedding at Fox Hollow on March 3rd.  Everyone had such an awesome time tearing up the dancefloor, and it was all thanks to your DJing skills!  We’ll definitely be recommending you to all of our friends in the future.  🙂  REMIXOLOGISTS ROCK!!!

Thanks, again!
Vickie & Chris

P.S.  Hope you had a speedy recovery from that stomach bug!!


Fan Mail From Ryan & Joyce’s Santa Monica Lowes Hotel Wedding!


Fan Mail from Ryan & Joyce’s Lowes Hotel Wedding!

Weddings are personal in nature, but even more so when you’ve known the bride & groom for years and years.  And in this Fan Mail, once again it shows why we do what we do!

Mike & I (Taiga) flew out to LA (my hometown!) to help Joyce & Ryan celebrate their wedding at the Lowes Hotel in Santa Monica.  I’ll let them take it from here…

Joyce & Ryan's Thank You Card



Dearest Mike & Simon,

One of the biggest concerns that any bride has is whether or not she can trust her vendors to create the perfect day she has envisioned on her most special day. We are so fortunate and grateful to have had you DJ and emcee our big day – and it meant so much to us not only because you are our closest and dearest friends, but because we trust you so much. You truly delivered your magic on our wedding day – so many of our guests came up to us afterwards to compliment us on how wonderful you were! From your music selection, your transitions, and your ability to excite and engage the crowd, you enhanced every aspect of our wedding. Music is a very special part of the memories we have – and to know that you were behind it all makes it all that much more special. So everytime we hear our wedding march or the first dance song, we will always remember you and how magical you made our special day. And a very special heartfelt thank you goes out to Mike – for being my best friend and confidante through it all. It meant so much to have you there guiding us through the process. We love you dearly. Thanks for all that you did & what you do for us.

Ryan & Joyce