501 Union Wedding – Joe and Jillian


From the moment I (DJ Colin) walked into the venue, I knew that Jillian & Joe’s 501 Union wedding would be a classy affair. The venue was gorgeous, the décor was beautiful, the day-of coordinators were very professional, and of course, the couple was a pleasure to work with.

The night was very musically diverse to say the least, thanks to the bride and groom’s fantastic musical taste. We went from a “rocktail hour” of hits including Janis Joplin (a personal favorite of mine) to a full-on dance party of epic proportions. My favorite highlight—playing “Space Jam” to a packed dance floor all singing the lyrics (myself included). Who knew such classy people could get down like that? By the time we’d reached the end of the reception, I was sorry to have to pack up. I could’ve played all night!

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Brooklyn Botanical Garden Wedding Video – Cristina and Matt


This beautiful Brooklyn Botanical Garden wedding with Matt & Cristina was set in summery June. The couple’s vows were the focal point of this video’s start and all the love emanating from the happy couple is more than obvious from beginning to end. The video moves on to center on the dance floor as it overflows with all the people who love the newlyweds.

You’ll see dance styles both new and old over the course of the night, thanks to the tunes provided by DJ Taiga. Given the palpable excitement all around, we were thrilled to provide the soundtrack Cristina and Matt on their special day!

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Fan Mail From Matt & Candice’s ReBar Brooklyn Wedding!


reBar Brooklyn Wedding

ReBar Brooklyn Wedding Care Package

Check out this AWESOMENESS from the ReBar Brooklyn Wedding!  This was no regular Fan Mail… this was an AMAZING care package sent to me by Matt & Candice (read and watch all about their wedding here, here, and here)!  Matt & Candice, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the gift and for your kind words… and I hope your friend is OK! 😛

Matt & Candice's Thank You Card



This is long overdue but then again the party still feels like yesterday!  There are no words to describe how you rocked our night!  There was laughing, sweating, crying, jumping, the worm, the Dougie, and even nerve damage to a friend’s toe two weeks following the event because she simply COULD NOT STOP DANCING!  Thank you a million times over!  You are a rockstar and we hope to jam to your set again soon!

<3 Matt + Candice

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Candice & Matt’s Brooklyn Wedding Celebration at ReBar!


Ain’t no party like a Brooklyn party cuz a Brooklyn party don’t stop!  Literally!

When I first met with Matt & Candice, I knew their wedding was going to be quirky AND awesome!  One, it was in Brooklyn.  Two, it was going to be a free form cocktail party reception.  And three, their CRAZY musical tastes ranged from Indie, Country, the Sister Act soundtrack, and songs with the word POWER in it (groom’s last name)!  So random yet so awesome!

And what a great night it was!  Folks danced and sang along to their favorite songs all night!  And when it came time to end the night, the bride & groom got on the mic, thanked everybody and then led a chant of “ONE MORE HOUR!  ONE MORE HOUR!” And one more hour they got!  I wish I was joking, but I got home around 4am that night morning!

One of these days I’m going to post a video up from this awesome wedding.  But until then, please enjoy these AWESOME pictures courtesy of Jessica Lavoie!  She captured the essence of Matt & Candice’s love, spontaneity, and silliness SO WELL!

P.S.  If Candice looks familiar, it because she’s a top model who’s featured regularly in fine publications such as Vogue Italia & W Magazine!

P.P.S.  I LOVED the fact that Candice had sneakers ready for the reception! In my humble opinion,  THE BEST (AND MOST COMFORTABLE) DANCING SHOES!