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Modern DJ service in NYC, New Jersey, and Philadelphia

DJ service is an important factor in the success of your event or wedding. When it comes to finding DJs with a modern approach, you start with listening to mixes and determine whether they can mix music together seamlessly.

You’ve got a pretty specific vibe in mind—
now you just need the DJ to take that vision and run with it.

dj service in NYC, New Jersey, and Philadelphia

Why having an experienced DJ is important

Our clients would tell you to quit reading and just book us…
(No, really, a few of them actually said that.)

But, we know you’re making a lot of hard decisions as you plan your big day.
We’ve been to enough events to know that the DJ you choose has a lot of control
over how things go—that’s why we don’t take what we do lightly.

No matter the event you’re planning, big or small, fancy or casual, we’re here for it.
Name a type of event and we’ve probably mixed for it before—after all, we’ve been doing this since the 90s.

You want Biggie? Yeah, we played him when he was Top 40.

Something about that makes us feel a little bit old … but we also know it means
we’ve mastered our skills in every kind of setting through almost every situation imaginable—
from college house parties to black tie weddings, food festivals to the Google DNC afterparty.

Oh, and that time we got the call that Bruno Mars wanted us to DJ his 24K Magic Tour.
Yep, that happened.

You can trust the DJ service that folks like Bruno Mars & The Food Network uses for their events.

dj services at cedar lakes estate

Let our clients tell you why Remixologists DJ service is the best

“If music is a MUST or in your top 3, stop reading and just book them—there is no need
to delay for further research. But if you must know: I found the Remixologists featured in
Style Me Pretty and after some research, I pretty much knew they were our vendor to
beat—sadly, I wasn’t engaged yet.”

Marissa Pritchard married Steven on August 31, 2018 | Moonstone Manor, Elizabethtown | DJ Taiga | The Knot

Music should be a priority

Whether you’re newly engaged or navigating wedding planning like running a
marathon—or you’re planning some other kind of killer event, you’ve probably got a
handful of top priorities and a couple of just-need-to-get-checked-off tasks.

And, whether you realize it or not, the music for your event
should definitely be a priority. That’s why we make it ours.

Music is a priority for any DJ service company.

Learn about RMXTs DJ services for events and weddings

dj service for private events

Need your event to impress and entertain, plus maybe get a few people grooving on the dance floor? Want a musical vibe that aligns with your overall vision, enhancing it and acting like an ambiance ninja? We’re here for it.

dj service for weddings

You’re madly in love. We dig it. We’ll mix your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception—and if it’s your cup of tea, we’ll keep every single one of your guests on the dancefloor (even your grandparents) until your planner has to turn the lights on and send them home. With your blessing, of course.

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