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How We Deal With Wedding Music Requests

A Big Question… Wedding Music Requests?


We often get requests when spinning a wedding… requests from the bride & groom, their family, their friends, good ones, bad ones, drunk ones, inappropriate ones, requests on paper/napkins/smartphones, etc.  From having spun hundreds of events of all kinds (weddings, parties, lounges, dance clubs, bottle service clubs, galas, etc) and direction from the couple beforehand, we use our experience and best judgement in determining if and when to play a wildcard.  Our couples trust us and we appreciate their trust… as playing a song (even if it’s a good one) at the wrong time messes up the vibe we so carefully craft throughout the night.

In any case, the request you see above is the BEST one I’ve ever gotten… not because Baby Got Back is the most AWESOME song in the world (although it is pretty great at the right time)… but because such a “ratchet” request was written on a super classy wood panel menu (by the way doesn’t the food read delicious?) with beautiful handwriting.  The juxtaposition of this display blew my mind!  Needless to say I had to save it and share with you all.

And oh yeah, you bet I played Baby Got Back that night. 🙂

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