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Fan Mail From Jed & Lizzie’s Vermont Wedding

This thank you card for Jed & Lizzie’s Vermont wedding is awesome on so many different levels.  First, look at the awesome front cover design.  Everything is in 3D and was made from rolled up construction paper, super unique!  And it was written by the mother of the groom who summed up the night so well.

Jed & Lizzie’s celebration was one of our early destination weddings.  The rehearsal dinner, ceremony & reception were held on a beautiful farm with the afterparty being down the road in a local bar.  While I was set to spin for all the events over the weekend, the groom hired a local vendor to provide speakers for the afterparty to minimize setup time at the bar.  Once I got to the bar, I realized that the speakers were old & provided a subpar sound that bothered me as a DJ & music lover.  So I grabbed 2 extra speakers I had in the car (always have backup) and set the afterparty off right & end the weekend with a bang!

One of these days I’ll post awesome pics from the wedding itself.  What great memories!

Dear Simon,

Jed was soo happy with the music.  And he was blown away by you retrieving (for the afterparty) your own speakers.  As you could see, everyone loved the party, and your work was the tipping point.

Eternal thanks-

Vermont Wedding DJ

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