Christine & Mike’s Philadelphia Wedding Featured on Hi-Fi Weddings!


We spun an incredible wedding for Christine & Mike in Philadelphia last year! We blogged about it a little bit here, but am glad that Hi-Fi Weddings featured it in all its glory with loads of pictures and the awesome playlist we put together!

Reminiscing about the night makes me want to break out in a jig…  a cool jig. 😀

A Real Hi-Fi Wedding:  Christine & Mike’s Dance Party

The Remixologists Live in Action At Connecticut Wedding… On Tape


We’ve been getting a lot of requests from folks who want to see us in action before booking our services.  Totally understandable!  Now we can’t invite prospective clients to a wedding we’re spinning (you wouldn’t want complete strangers hanging out at your wedding, right?)  So we’ll give you the next best thing, a video clip us live in action!

I’m sure you can find plenty of wedding DJ promo clips, but I’ll bet you most of them are highly edited, polished videos with a lot of special effects (ie. slow motion), short scenes with fast cuts and a lot of close ups, and a nicely pre-mixed music track to complete the razzle dazzle.  What does that tell you about their party rocking skills? Absolutely nada.

We believe in marriage, truth, and dancing your socks off! So what we present to you is almost 20 all natural minutes of a wedding we did in Connecticut over the summer.  No video editing.  No sound fibbing.  No special effects (unless you count silly flashing texts).  100% organic & raw, worthy of approval from both your nutritionist and Ol Dirty Bastard. Enjoy!

[ photo credits: Fairy Tale Photography ]

Hotel Palomar Wedding in 2 Minutes


Right before it got ICE COLD on the east coast (seemed like so long ago… brrr), I drove down and teamed up with DJ Mike to provide the soundtrack for Christine & Mike’s awesome Hotel Palomar wedding in Philadelphia.  Wait, did I mention it was awesome?

Christine & Mike wanted a huge party and that’s what they got!  1 set of skyped in grandparents (impressive!), 2 hours of dancing, 3 entertaining toasts, and 110 songs later (that’s just the dancing part), it was a WRAP!  We captured so much good footage that I had to make a 4 minute edition (scroll to the bottom) in addition to the 2 minute time lapse video you see above capturing the essence of a smashing dance party!

AND we had the pleasure of meeting and working with some true wedding professionals:  Chill Weddings (hey christina!) and Our Labor of Love. Whitney (who makes a cameo in the video) and the team from OLOL were super nice and their smilebooth setup was so buttery smooth.  It was a beautiful sight to see in person!

Anyways, CONGRATS AGAIN CHRISTINE & MIKE! It was a blast!

4 minute edition:

Calvin & Eva’s 2 Minute Wedding Video (Fairy Tale Manor in Dallas, TX)


Happy Friday!

Check out this time lapsed goodness I whipped up for my good friends Calvin and Eva. The wifey and I flew to Dallas for their celebration (I pulled triple duty as guest/DJ/emcee) on Halloween weekend and had a blast!  I loved that their wedding was an east meets west extravaganza; from the classically swaggerific first dance to the traditional chinese tea ceremony and the heartwarming bridal family serenade. And oh yeah, folks got BUSY on the dance floor!

Congratulations Calvin & Eva!

p.s.  I make a little cameo towards the end.  TAIGA!

Throwback: Bernie & Tammy’s Wedding

Tammy & Bernie were one of our first real clients back in 2008. You might have watch/read/heard about them through news sites and/or blogs as Bernie proposed to Tammy by hacking the game Bejeweled for the Nintendo DS!

Their tastes in music stretched the whole spectrum of genres. At our first meeting, Tammy gushed about her LOVE of Mariah Carey, Madonna, Britney Spears, hip hop, boy bands, 80s/90s pop, funk, etc. All Bernie wanted was for us to introduce them for the first time to Bret Hart’s WWE theme music.  =P

I was cleaning up my archives and stumbled onto a live recording of their wedding. Here’s a taste (~30 minutes) of hip hop (hot) served with sides of boy band, Britney, and washed down with a bottle of vintage 90s pop.  Crystal Pepsi anyone?

[ download mp3 ]