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Remixologists started specializing in weddings after we attended one too many where the DJ was generic, uninspired, or just plain terrible.

We believe the music at a wedding not only sets the mood for the day, but also tells your story from the ceremony to the last dance.

Speaking of dancing, we love EPIC dance parties and our style of mixing best reflects that. We keep it classy on the mic and provide top notch sound systems to boot.

And we now offer a hybrid DJ/drummer setup that’s pretty awesome if live music is your thing (or your parents are pushing you towards a band but you’re like ehhh.)  Your selected DJ would be accompanied by our featured drummer for ultimate music versatility combined with the feel of a live band.  Some say it’s the best of both worlds… and by some we mean literally every couple that’s booked it.

Best wedding DJs is a subjective term, but there are always good and bad signs of folks who claim the title.  Does their wedding deejay website look professional and classy?  Do the best wedding deejays have the best wedding music in their mixes and samples online?  Do they even have music samples online for brides and grooms to listen to?  If not, that is a red flag for folks claiming to be the best wedding DJs.

Simon Tai, known as DJ Taiga, started Remixologists with the goal of curating the best wedding DJs in New York, Philadelphia, and beyond.

Best Wedding DJs NYC

How Do We Work?

Whether your wedding is held in a ballroom, on the beach, in a barn, or on a boat, it’s a time of joyous celebration and intense partying! But it’s also a unique production that involves many moving parts! And that’s where we step in with our experienced personal touch. We work closely with our clients throughout the entire wedding planning process to ensure we:

  1. Achieve our client’s musical vision and
  2. Polish ALL the little details of the big day

And on your wedding day, we make sure that you remember us as the background maestros who ran your reception smoothly and provided the tunes for a smashing dance party!

Best Wedding DJs Philadelphia

What Do We Play?

Our DJ experiences span many years from rocking house parties to clubs to charity galas to corporate events to weddings. The music we play at any event is solely determined by the people in attendance.

We can comfortably cover music from the last 70 years from soul to funk to disco to rock, 80s, 90s, pop, hip hop, electro, top 40, indie, and more.   And we are known to throw down international flavors such as bhangra, bollywood, kpop, arabic & ukrainian/croatian/jewish folk music to keep it extra funky for those multi-cultural celebrations.

We’re able to mix it all together seamlessly and provide a well concocted blend that fuels nonstop dancing!


Best Wedding DJ

While there are many wedding deejay companies in the tri-state area, Remixologists are considered the best wedding DJs in the New York NY and Philadelphia regions.  The best wedding deejay is known for their attention to detail and client focused nature.  Also important are the disc jockey’s skills behind the turntables and programming wedding music.


New York Party DJ


As Chief Remixologist, Simon counts
the beats and the beans.

Philadelphia Party DJ


Ben is our wildly versatile
producer extraordinaire.

West Chester Party DJ


Luke's spun for the Grammys
and also G-Eazy.

New Jersey Party DJ


Lee is the
definition of GQ.

Washington DC Party DJ


Tristan is Clark Kent by day,
9-Volt by night.

Philadelphia Party DJ


Mike is the OG &
GodFather of the group.

Best Wedding DJs

The best wedding deejays in the New York and Philadelphia areas are Remixologists.  As it seems, there are many choices when it comes to DJs.  The difference between a good and a bad DJ is evident.  It is much harder to distinguish between a good and great wedding DJ.


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