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Our favorite kind of review: the crowded dance floor of sweaty adults in an air conditioned room, and a bride’s father at the edge of the booth nodding approvingly at the end of the night and saying, “Keep going.” It happens.

The music was so good that I ate my desert while dancing because I didn't want to stop.
Alison Dobry married Matt on November 2nd | City Winery, New York City | DJ Taiga

You’ve probably heard the whole, “Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in his dorm room at Harvard” story. The beginning of our story is a lot like that. (Just a little different.)

While at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, I— that’s me, Simon (DJ Taiga) —served as DJ and music director at the school radio station, WQHS. Mike (DJ Mike) and I quickly became DJ staples at official school events and raucous house parties off campus—spending more time spinning beats than studying books in the library. (Sorry, Mom.)

After our heyday in college—and earning those Ivy League diplomas—we took our passion for music (and paying down our student loans … can we get an amen?) to the streets, spinning clubs, corporate events, and everything in between.

But when our first round of mutual friends started going off the market and getting hitched, we listened to one too many bad DJs pumping in predictable playlists before realizing we coulddo it better.

Not only did our friends deserve way more hype parties than they were getting, we heard horror stories of hard-to-work-with wedding vendors, and flunkies who seemed to be more focused on playing what they wanted to hear (or worse everything you didn’t) and forcing the vibe to fit a mold no one liked. That’s where we knew we had to mix it up—and the Remixologists got our start.

REEEEMMIIXXXX… (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.)

All the songs you wanted,

All the songs you wanted,


Our philosophy is pretty simple: We play good music. We respond to your emails. We actively participate in your goals for your event. We are nice and fun to be around.

But, we’re told that’s kind of a unique combination—which figures, because we’re nothing if not unique—and so are you.

Which brings us to this: we firmly believe there is a right DJ for every event and every couple.

Which brings us to this: we firmly believe there is a right DJ for every event and every couple.

So much of what will make or break an event is the vibe
your guests experience, and your DJ is a key piece in creating that vibe.

So, with us, you get the Remixologists experience no matter what, but you also get paired with the DJ who will be the best asset in creating the event you want.

(Refer back to that philosophy if you need to.)

Simon Tai
Benja Styles
Ben Coleman
Luke Joachim
Lee Garrett
Jams Bond
David Cruz
DJ Mike
Mike Mariano
Tristan Nery

Meet the Remixologists

  • Taiga

    Co-founder and fearless leader of the RMXTS team, Simon graduated with a super-useful Ivy-League degree in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. And, while the Ivy’s don’t exactly offer a Bachelors in cutting your teeth behind the DJ booth, the educational years he spent spinning house parties and serving as the Music Director at WQHS gave him his start to go on and play for clients like Bruno Mars, Coldplay, and some of the top clubs and lounges in Philadelphia and New York City.

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  • Benja Styles

    Ben is the Remixologists’ resident producer—his love of hip hop started early and it was the signature sampling style of artists like A Tribe Called Quest and Beastie Boys that led him to a love and appreciation of all music genres. When he discovered his dad’s record collection (that he now owns), he realized his love of music runs in the family—his dad was a DJ, too.

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  • CoolHand

    Growing up in Oakland during the hyphy movement, Luke started DJing on vinyl as a hip-hop DJ. He speaks fondly of the days of digging for E-40 and Nelly vinyl at Amoeba Records in Berkeley. His first paid gig was a family friend’s wedding, and the fact he had both the young people on the dance floor and the old folks rockin’ in their wheelchairs is how he got his first business started. Luke moved to New Orleans to study music at Loyola University New Orleans and held DJ residencies at venues all over The Big Easy, including “the #1 college bar in the nation,” The Boot.

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  • L’GITT

    Lee got his start as a DJ at the young age of 15 in some of the top clubs in the NYC area. His credits include the legendary NYC Sound Factory, the Monarch Rooftop, and Kelly Rowland’s release party—where he spun for Beyonce and Jay-Z. In his 15+ years of experience, he’s DJed literally hundreds of weddings, sweet sixteens and every kind of party imaginable—and he still thinks every party is different.

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  • Jams Bond

    David knows that at parties he can often focus on 75% of the conversation and 100% of the music at the same time. He’s a diverse musician in addition to being a DJ—he plays guitar, bass, flute, keys and beatboxes, but mostly because he’s never had space for a drum set. He’s traveled the world and has an extensive resume of gigs and residencies both as a DJ and with a few bands, going places like Berlin, Tokyo, Turks and Caicos, and the Bahamas, but his home base is in Brooklyn and NYC, playing in venues like the Beauty & Essex, Gansevoort Hotel, and The Jane.

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  • DJ Mike

    Mike is one of the original Remixologists and cofounder from back in the day—seriously, he trained Simon and Tristan when they used to spin all the parties at the University of Pennsylvania. He earned his undergraduate degree in Economics from The Wharton School, and a Masters in Urban Spatial Analytics from the Graduate School of Design, and still uses them today.

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  • 9-Volt

    Tristan always gets a little extra excited when he gets to spin a Filipino wedding, mostly because he knows line dances like The Wobble and The Cupid Shuffle will be fair game. (He’s both Filipino and a sucker for a line dance.) Sure, he’s spun for the Jabbawockeez—but some parties just call for a good line dance moment, and 9-Volt is here for it.

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