Joan & Danny’s Kimmel Center Wedding Video!


Joan & Danny’s Kimmel Center Wedding!


When I first blogged about Joan & Danny’s wedding a couple weeks (see here), I shared some general details about the venue, the food, etc etc. Here are some more interesting tidbits about how Joan & Danny found us.

I first received an email from Joan (living in Finland at the time!) about 10 months before the wedding. I remembered her name looking familiar but was unable to put my finger on where I had met her before. As I kept reading it all became clear.  We had spun her brother’s wedding in the Philly area 2 years prior and now little sister was getting married!

It’s always super exciting to establish a connection with clients that extends past the initial event. As we grow as DJs, we see that same growth with our past clients (often kids!) at their family & friends’ weddings & events.

It’s time like that when we say wholeheartedly, we love what we do!

Anyways, excuse my tangent.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy Joan & Danny’s wedding movie produced by Tree of Life Films