Food, Drink, & Music! Our Contribution To The Taiwanese (TAP) Night Market!


The Remixologists love representing for our cities and cultures.  So when our friends at TAP NY (Taiwanese American Professionals) asked us at the start of the year to provide the music for their first annual night market, we of course said YES… and that was before we were told about the UNLIMITED FOOD & TAIWAN BEER!  Well, the sold out event (folks were scalping tickets on Craigslist!)  this past April had over 500 attendees and went off CRAZY!

We spun a 4 hour set playing off the vibe of the crowd covering everything from Michael Jackson, Hall & Oates, Keane, Chromeo, Rihanna, and everything in between.  Everybody had a great time and I definitely saw more than a few folks with glazed ‘food coma’ eyes from downing all the delicious food and drinks.

And true story, I recently got a call from Hong Kong Street Cart (one of the food vendors from the night) asking if we could make them some mixes for their upcoming pop-up markets.  Maybe I can parlay that into a year’s supply of buns & bubble teas… hmm… definitely going to try and make this happen.  🙂

In the meantime, click on the picture up above to read more about the event and below for the mouth watering recap (look for my photobomb!) from The Village Voice Blogs.  And if prefer moving visuals, check out the short video recap below featuring the music and a quick cameo from DJ Taiga.