The Remixologists Live in Action At Connecticut Wedding… On Tape


We’ve been getting a lot of requests from folks who want to see us in action before booking our services.  Totally understandable!  Now we can’t invite prospective clients to a wedding we’re spinning (you wouldn’t want complete strangers hanging out at your wedding, right?)  So we’ll give you the next best thing, a video clip us live in action!

I’m sure you can find plenty of wedding DJ promo clips, but I’ll bet you most of them are highly edited, polished videos with a lot of special effects (ie. slow motion), short scenes with fast cuts and a lot of close ups, and a nicely pre-mixed music track to complete the razzle dazzle.  What does that tell you about their party rocking skills? Absolutely nada.

We believe in marriage, truth, and dancing your socks off! So what we present to you is almost 20 all natural minutes of a wedding we did in Connecticut over the summer.  No video editing.  No sound fibbing.  No special effects (unless you count silly flashing texts).  100% organic & raw, worthy of approval from both your nutritionist and Ol Dirty Bastard. Enjoy!

[ photo credits: Fairy Tale Photography ]