Hotel Palomar Wedding in 2 Minutes


Right before it got ICE COLD on the east coast (seemed like so long ago… brrr), I drove down and teamed up with DJ Mike to provide the soundtrack for Christine & Mike’s awesome Hotel Palomar wedding in Philadelphia.  Wait, did I mention it was awesome?

Christine & Mike wanted a huge party and that’s what they got!  1 set of skyped in grandparents (impressive!), 2 hours of dancing, 3 entertaining toasts, and 110 songs later (that’s just the dancing part), it was a WRAP!  We captured so much good footage that I had to make a 4 minute edition (scroll to the bottom) in addition to the 2 minute time lapse video you see above capturing the essence of a smashing dance party!

AND we had the pleasure of meeting and working with some true wedding professionals:  Chill Weddings (hey christina!) and Our Labor of Love. Whitney (who makes a cameo in the video) and the team from OLOL were super nice and their smilebooth setup was so buttery smooth.  It was a beautiful sight to see in person!

Anyways, CONGRATS AGAIN CHRISTINE & MIKE! It was a blast!

4 minute edition: